Apartment 9C

apartamento-9c-unit-9c-more-with-less-09Architect Vladimir Radutny has renovated the apartment 9C in the iconic 860-880 Lake Shore Drive complex by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Chicago, using a restrained palette to show off the architecture and the views.

Within this iconic high-rise unit, our clients imagined their second home with few boundaries between them and the exterior breathtaking views from the apartment 9C.apartamento-9c-unit-9c-more-with-less-15

By removing all of the opaque walls in the apartment 9C and introducing an architectural language of floating volumes and space-defining planes, created the desired spatial experiences that did not previously exist.

At the entry, while drawing direct connections with the lake, added an open kitchen creating a multi-functional space. To the right, the carefully placed floating mass welcomes you, gesturing towards the main room.

As it extends deeper into the living space, a reading nook is formed at the back of the projection, offering a sense of refuge inside of an open plan. When sitting, this projected element transforms, reflecting the adjacent spaces within its carved niche.

The integration of a seemingly continuous glass plane provides privacy between the two primary living zones. However, its true function is to create a backdrop of illusion, capturing the expansiveness of the exterior, as well as the dynamic mood changes of the Great Lake.

In reorienting the elements dependent on the kitchen and the bathroom towards the lake, it is possible in the new apartment 9C to connect physically and visually with the adjacent shared areas.

Now, with the renovation of the apartment 9C you can admire the sunrise while you are in the bathroom and absorb the horizontal light of the morning.


While emphasis is placed on the refined expression of the building’s minimalist tradition, a quiet space of life is created for contemplation and refuge in heaven.


Photography: Bill Zbaren