Gray, wood and steel, small apartment with attic

Estudio-buhardilla-apartment-attic-07This project of integral reform of a small apartment with attic, realized jointly by the study ISHO Design and the architect Ángel García Sarrión, is located in the emblematic district of Ruzafa, Valencia.

The project of the apartment with attic has a very tight space but full of details that make what predominates the architecture of small scale.

In the project, the kitchen and the attic that rests on it where the sleeping area is located, are the most outstanding elements of this apartment.



Estudio-buhardilla-apartment-attic-18The kitchen resolved with two opposing elements, is materialized with a dark gray, which is present in the entire service element of the project.
While the wider space and double height as it is the living room presents a range of whites and grays that capture all the light and provide a brightness very suitable for this type of stay.

Estudio-buhardilla-apartment-attic-13The attic element is made with a light steel structure which gives the sensation of floating on the space. This is so because the staircase to access it leans almost imperceptibly on the floor of the lounge area. It leads us to almost think that we are in a cabin in the tree.

Wood finds its place in pieces such as the table that acts as a dining room between the pieces of the kitchen, the countertops, the steps of the staircase and the floor of that attic that makes up the attic.
You can glimpse a track of the old where the project is developed by means of a brick wall seen in the double height space of the room.

Estudio-buhardilla-apartment-attic-12The atmosphere generated by the union of these three elements such as gray, wood and steel make the project enjoy a careful materiality and elegant composition.