APOP, industrial plastic for trays

The set of trays APOP is designed by B K I D co. This studio was founded by Bonkyu Song. He has been graduated in the University of Kookmin, specialized in industrial design. He has worked for huge brands, such as Samsung, BMW, Audio,… And between them he has received a lot of awards as Red Dot. But all the studio together is having a long and prosper career.

In this case, it is presented APOP, and it has the acronyms of ‘a piece of plastic’. This trays are made of ABS plastic. This is a thermoplastic, very resistant to the impacts. It is used also this material for the massive production that can be done with it. As it can be appreciated, the production of this object is by injection molded.

The main characteristic of APOP is that you can combine all the trays between them. The forms are based on circles, so it’s more easy to fit them. At the same time, the circular form is more soft and comfortable for the user. The fit of the trays is very natural and not so adjusted. The main forms of the trays are: elongated, triangular, two polyhedron of different sizes, and a circle.

In APOP, B K I D co believes in an unlimited form of the piece, transforming it into a modular and multifunctional tray

The forms of APOP has a flange, so in this case delimits the content in the form. They are made in different colours and personalized. It can be used in a lot of different areas, but the main objective is to save the things in its place and classify it to the user needs.

Ultimately, they are new concepts and manners to see the future. So the most of the things are being invented in a modular way. This is why the necessity to have and object that allows you more than one option. We live in a changing society, and this is a reality. Therefore, the ideas are changing to new necessities.

In the images, the wood objects are from Objects labs, and the metal ones from Hyun Sung.