Arcäsil, a meeting point between craftwork and design

Arcäsil is a product that unifies gastronomy, craftwork and design, with a conceptual subtle attention. Eduardo Cámara, is an Industrial Design student at Valencian Polytechnic University, and designer of this bowl. Genuine foodstuff from the Vega Baja Area inspires him to come up with the design of Arcäsil.

Domanises, is the workshop of Juan Carlos Iñesta, pottery craftsman from the Valencian town, Manises. He defines his work with an always present vision of the future. Not only working classic pottery technics but also looking most of the times to new ways of creativity. As a result of his determination he goes deeper to new artists and designer’s inquisitiveness. He prototypes Arcäsil together with Eduardo Camara, working with an amazing dedication it’s shapes and finishes.

Eduardo talks about how Arcäsil was designed to win the heart of clients. He creates a plate mainly used for artichokes consume as a casserole.

Firstly, it becomes of great importance the use of porcelain stoneware in the Arcäsil design. Before a process of turning, modelling and bisqueing the piece, it’s time to give some personality through finishes. Before the second firing they decide to use a White glassy glaze for the principal piece. Optimizing his continued interaction with liquids and facilitating the cleaning work. On the other hand, and as a distinguishing characteristic, the second bowl has a grey matt glaze. In that way shows his different typology and use, creating an attractive visual and tactile contrast.

Likewise, there is an abstraction of artichoke main structure due to a long process of shapes evolution. The two bowls were conceived through geometry and formal reductions. We can observe then a gentle connection between the food nature and the product geometry itself.

Moreover, there is some functionality added by it details, improving the users gastronomic experience. The fit able geometry allows maintaining the plate’s temperature until the consumer use. Besides of that, the diagonal which gives personality to the group, also still be good as a help for the spoon.