Arche, set of table raised from the arch form

Arche is a set of table designed by Emre Yunus Uzun. This, is a Turkish interior designer. He works in so many different areas, among which product design and the architecture industry. Also, he has studied in İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi interior architecture and environmental design.



In this case, it is presented Arche. Is a collection formed by three pieces: a vase, candelabra and a bowl. They are objects, that more than decorate, they are a daily object in the most of homes. So, Emre Yunus redesigns this classic objects to transform them and give another point of view. This collection is inspired in arched forms, as it is said in its name.



Starting from the vase, this is very different from what we are used to. It has all the body empty, and it’s only appreciated the structure of this. Usually, what we are used to is to see only the vase. But in this case, it can be seen all the structure of the plant.



Arche is a collection that it’s presented in a more sensitive way, showing the objects in another way, the “naked” that always has been hidden



Talking about the candelabra, it has the same form as the vase, but inverted. So, in this way, the extremes are cutted, in which you can place the candle. The good thing is that, the Arche candelabra, it’s presented with an irregular cut. It also plays with the visual imbalance, to be more attractive. But always inside of a simplicity.



Finally, the bowl. This seems that unite the other two objects, because it has the arched form on the top and the lower part. In the middle it can be found this bowl, holded between two tubes, creating a floating and suspension sensation in the air.



The materials of Arche are mainly the aluminium or brass anodizing, and it’s presented in three colours: grey, gold and black. The structures from the bottoms are made of grey marble.