Architectural League Support by Lanza

Annually The Architectural League of New York organises a series of lectures, a competition and exhibition for architects and designers who are ten years or less out of school. This year, the competition was called Architectural League Support, Lanza was part of the awarded architects and designed the exhibition for their own work. It was not their first exhibition project of the Mexico City based architecture studio. Thoroughly thought, their projects are characterised to be close to simplicity but far from simpleness. Their project for the Architectural League Prize Support was not an exception.

They define their project as something that intends to question the boundary between architecture and the exhibition of architecture. And again they solved the museography with architecture, using the existing space and structure. In a corner of the gallery, with a single element they manage to create separate spaces for each of their exhibited pieces.

What appeared to be part of the room, was actually part of the exhibition Architectural League Support.

In the gallery where the work of the winners was shown, one of the walls appeared to be curved. Soon it revealed itself as a foreign element. From far, you could see how the wall was slightly separated from the ground and didn’t reach the ceiling, as if it was floating. Then when you came closer you could distinguish a number of spyholes.

Behind the wall were exhibited five projects by Lanza that could be seen through the spyholes. The holes enhanced the miniature effect. It resulted as a microscope through which you could observe the careful details of the models. Opposite to the microscope effect, the solution also showed each model as if they were in a separate room. Finally just like the models, all made with cardboard and paper, the wall was also made of paper, mounted on an aluminium structure.

Photos by Rafael Gamo y Lyndsay Morrow