Amazing Architecure A’ Design Award Projects

A’ Design Award & Competition is giving the last chance to designers until the 28th of february for participating in their competition. This platform that promotes the best design internationally aims to every creator to participate in order to provide visibility to the best works made this year as in the Architecture A’ Design Award subcategory. This ambitious competition has many categories to submit your project and you will get a chance to own one of the most famous and international prizes of design. An international jury will decide, according to the excellence of each work, the level of Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Steel for the winner projects in its hundred of disciplines.  

A’ Design Award & Competition is a contest that highlights the best designers on every single country of the world. It boots creativity from excellence and the A’ Architecture Building and Structure Design Awards form the past edition are the very proof of it. Residences, Schools, Hotels, Sports Facilities, and more buildings are summed up in this amazing compilation of international design at A Design Award. Here you have a selection of the best architectonic structures: 

Architecture A’ Design Award highlights the best designs in the world


The Mirrored Sight Shelter Viewing House, Tea House designed by Li Hao – One Take Architects reflects in the water the fusion between traditional architecture with a completely contemporary look. This impressive project represents de lonely idiosyncrasy of the society from this region of South-China. 

Arquitectura - Architecture A Design Award

Architecture Design Awards 2019

The awarded houses represent a vanguardist vision combined with simplicity and surrounding integration at Architecture A’ Design Award. FU House Residential House by Katsufumi Kubota is involved by an industrial area and its structure with L shape takes advantage of the changing light during the day. House in SAKAI5 Residential House by Shunichiro Ninomiya is a building with an original volume that preserves, at the same time, the restrictions of the regular Japanese residency construction. Also, Taki Residence by Hikohito Konishi hides underground and brings awesome views of the sorroundings form the inside.

Architecture Design Awards 2019 - house

Architecture A Design Award home

Also, there are innovating and creative projects about housing. The concept of the residence changes in order to fit into the needs of their owner as it happens with Boko and Deko Residential House by Mitsuharu Kojima where the clients didn’t wanted to be guided by the tradicional furniture distribution. An other example is the triangular shape of Kamiuma House by Hiroo Okubo that was intent by the need of privacy in an overpopulated prefecture of Tokyo.


Residential blocks are also integrated in this Architecture A’ Design Award. Dongziguan Affordable Housing by Meng Fanhao has built a residential complex through the language of rural architecture and affordable homes for the place where they belong. Kushi Dango Apartment House by Osamu Hamada responds to the peculiarities of the context creating dwellings with the minimum space. 

The Architecture A’ Design Award winner designs will gain worldwide recognition, the A’ Design Award trophy, an exhibition, a yearbook, pr and publicity, world design rankings inclusion and the gala-night for networking. The winning projects are spread to the most relevant media and publications. In short, it is a worldwide reference to discover the latest trends of Design.


Here you can see more award winning design as the sustainable renovation of Recluse Historic Building Renovation by RSAA or the remodeling of the home surrounded by a vineyard SH House Residential by Paulo Martins. More With Less will publish on the 15th of april a selection of the winners. Remember, you can submit your projects, here.