‘Architecture’ by Gavin Dunbar

The work collected in the series ‘Architecture’ by Gavin Dunbar is a delicate look at urban architecture. The Scottish photographer uses the long exposure in an attempt at the rhythm of the city.

The capacity of his photography to transmit the calm at the same time that his imposing perspectives, the presence of different buildings where the perspective of Dunbar gives them greater slenderness.

The series ‘Architecture’ by Gavin Durban is based on black and white to highlight details that in real life can pass us by, distracted by life in color. From contemporary buildings to historic ones, the photographer also portrays unique sculptures, such as the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin by the architect Peter Eisenman, where the concrete sculptures become sober monoliths.

In an attempt to create something different from what we observe on a daily basis, the series ‘Architecture’ by Gavin Durban manages to awaken our curiosity about the particularities of elements that are often generic.

The games of light and contrast make the architectures captured by the artist a whole geometric game. The minimalist approach Gavin Durban gives to his photographs with the use of black and white makes him one of the most interesting photographers.

In short, through the series ‘Architecture’ by Gavin Durban something particular is composed, where the absence of color becomes something striking and modifies our perspective towards everyday environments.