AROS, the urban toy of the Mexico City

The AROS project is the winner of the “Urban Toys” contest organized by the Laboratory for the City and Government of Mexico City. This competition consisted of developing a game space proposal in Plaza Loreto, in the historic center of Mexico City.


Developed by the PALMA studio, formed by Ilse Cárdenas, Regina De Hoyos, Diego Escamilla and Juan Luis Rivera, it employs the great reference point of the city’s fountains as a starting point. AROS intervenes in a place where children, naturally, meet while they finish working days. The culture of water is deeply rooted in the city, especially in times like spring and summer.


AROS builds a playful edge around the fountain of Plaza Loreto, in the center of Mexico City


The project occupies about 140 square meters and is based on the repetition of the circular gesture of the fountain, built on top of it and giving rise to a new ludic edge. Two concentric rings manufactured by wooden structure, make up the proposal. The access to the first ring is completely open on one side of the circle, while to reach the second ring, the child must travel part of the catwalk.


These concentric ramps, but in opposite directions, embrace the source and are completed by the use of a network over the water. The creation of layers, thresholds and different levels of level, make the experience of the child’s game enrich.


The AROS proposal allows the transformation of the icon of the square temporarily and makes possible the use of the fountain with and without water, becoming both a playground and a small forum for the neighborhood.


Photographs by Onnis Luque.