Art Barn, between art and topography

art-barn-art-gallery-galeria-de-arte-more-with-less-design-magazine-10Art Barn is an art gallery located in Beverly Hills, California. It was built in 2016, an architectural addition in a residential area and designed by Johnstonmarklee project consists on 4,500 square meter area. Art Barn is the simple intersection of two solid volumes, which on the outside remind a family home. It has been designed with slanted ceilings and its facades are very similar to each other, the windows control the light entrance that the works of art

Art Barn is the topographic meeting point between a house and an art gallery

art-barn-art-gallery-galeria-de-arte-more-with-less-design-magazine-4The terrain where Art Barn is located, has a steep slope, where there used to be a tennis court. This level difference is used in the interior to generate different spatialities and qualities that give a dynamic tour to the Barn are two spaces in one, two scales and two points of view within the same project. An intimate gallery, where the user is welcomed and surrounded by the art works. And another larger space, which allows another point of view, another projection and another approach to the the same material that the facade of Art Barn is built, an extension is used to generate the entrance. Since the whole building is similar, a simple intervention designs a delicate Barn, has everything an art gallery needs. Intimacy and expansion. Spatial quality, dosage in the lighting and a white background that surrounds the space.Without competing with the environment, and reconciled with the land, Art Barn  goes unnoticed as a house among the trees, but inside, it hides a magnificent work of art, suitable for the most curious walkers.

Photos by Florian Holzherr.