Asketik, simple and functional

Asketik is a collection of products for the habitat. From their studio located in St. Petersburg, Russia develop different lines of products such as: lighting, furniture, or small products that are part of our daily life.


Among its different designs, we highlight its lighting series. With a strong minimalist character, these pieces have been developed with a simple and fluid line. All products are manufactured using aluminum sheet and different folds to give the design functionality.

Asketik has developed a collection of lamps that maintain a uniform aesthetic throughout its entire

The designers of Asketik have managed to develop products using the least amount of material possible. Where in addition to fulfilling its main function: illuminate. They also perform the function of storing books or magazines. What makes it the ideal lamp for the bedroom. Since it also has a directional light and soft thanks to a strip of LED lighting.


To give the product more versatility, Asketik has developed two versions of size. And it gives the user the possibility to customize his lamp in different colors: white, black, gray, red, blue and yellow.


Asketik has wanted to continue with the development of lighting products under that fluid line through the folded sheet. Within your collection you also have an ideal lamp for the work area either at home or in the office. Through two folds of 90 degrees each, the designers generate three planes capable of giving the piece stability. One of its planes contains a strip of LED lighting capable of illuminating any type of desk.


Asketik is continuously looking for the perfection of its products. Making simple designs, timeless and with a high degree of sophistication.