Ático en Gracia by Twobo Arquitectura

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‘Ático en Gracia’, an example of internal rehabilitation. A reform in the neighborhood of Gracia, in Barcelona, where Twobo Architecture reflects the barcelonés character in a 140m2 house.

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Twobo Architecture, a study that considers buildings as environment receptors, considering that each project contains inserted an alien architecture analogy. Art, science, literature … concepts which brings to the project a broader sense

“Ático en Gracia” a project born in recognizing the existing previous geometry

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Ático en Gracia, an architecture in which historical elements such as arched ceilings have been preserved in the project .

A project in which erase exercise has been decisive, eliminating the partitions that divided housing, getting more light and open spaces .

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A dwelling without walls, a project born from the recognition of existing geometry in the building. Putting the right pieces will characterize the space. Kitchen furniture, a shelf which is also a reading area, a sofa force, the hall of the stairs…

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With “FragmentsBcn” name, the own architectural study, designs “Ático en Gracia” details. Thus, they designed from the furniture design work to pieces whith rescued materials as hydraulic mosaics, giving them a second chance as a decorative pieces or tables.


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Ático en Gracia-rehabilitatio-Twobo Architecture -kitchen-more-with-less-magazine-design

The result of this rehabilitation work in Barcelona, is a property of straight lines, with Barcelona’s character, which is able to transfer these features even in the most intimate areas of “Ático en Gracia” .

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A project that is the result of the recognition of the initial space structure, the Barcelona inlfluences, straight lines and rescued materials. A home that speaks about Barcelona’s past and present.

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