Local Industries and Atipus. Democratizing the craftwork

Atipus is a graphic design studio from Barcelona founded in 1998. Atipus is led by the web creative director Jordi Blanch and Eduard Duch as the print creative director and the designers Mariano Fiore, Óscar Garrote and Javi Suárez. This excellent team has made of Atipus a studio known on an international level. They stand for a simple, creative and conceptual design

Recently, Atipus has designed the identity and website for Local Industriesa Palestinian brand founded in 2011 by the architects Elias and Yousef Anastas. Local Industries is a company that provides highly resolutive and functional furniture crafted by Palestinian artisans.

The idea of the founders was to export the work and the knowledge behind the Palestinian craftsmen in an international clientele, leaving behind the traditional and archaic design and step out in a contemporary and modern world.

The identity and the website represent with a graphic language the main ideas that Elias and Yousef Anastas wanted to transmit when they first created Local Industries.


“The result is a new type of furniture, which is adapted to local means of productions but also to modern work, which require a high standard in functionality, aesthetics and quality.”

The web design is based on clean surfaces with rigorous and calculated blank areas. The enormous typography is a resource that imposed the company writing clear, concise and direct information instead of long text boxes and indecipherable messages that the reader can’t understand. This is an easy way to keep functionality and simplicity in an online platform just as websites. Enhanced by the structured compositions between titles, text and images makes the navigation on the website an easy and pleasant for the reader.

A perfect art direction regarding the photography, with contrasting colours and powerful backgrounds, reinforces the qualities of the furniture and its materials.

Regarding the logotype, Atipus uses sans-serif typography with concentric terminals and diagonal cuts on the ascendant letters that add character and charm to the overall view of the brand. This logo reminds us the work of the magnificent American graphic designer and typographer Herb Lubalin and his iconic works Child and Families logotypes.

In conclusion, these two architects are working very hard to bring hope and a new impulse to the craft industries, in times of changes and remain alive in a technological, electrical and fast world. We will keep an eye on them and their future work.