Attila, a nomad-inspired cabin

Attila arises from the desire of a couple of designers to own a weekend retreat space for themselves and for the clients of their studio in Slovakia. The architecture studio JRKVC, directed by Peter Jurkovič, is responsible for the development of this project.


The fascination of customers for yurts, the traditional houses used in the nomadic communities of Central Asia, serves as a starting point for the design of this small 47 square meter home.


The yurts were small constructions based on a wooden structure covered with straw and woolen canvas. These portable stores have the particularity of their circular shape, where the community space occupied the center with an overhead oculus that allowed lighting and smoke extraction.


Attila collects in a minimum space the essence of traditional yurts, forming a wooden space that revolves around the center, the light and the meeting


In Attila, the rectangular floor houses the common space under that circular shape, covered entirely in wood and illuminated at the highest point of the dome. From this space you can easily access the rest of the spaces.


The large access area serves as a transition with the outside terrace and at the same time integrates the kitchen and two bunk beds hidden behind wooden folding doors.


The master bedroom, on the other hand, is separated from the central space by a curtain, preceded by a small closet and bookcase. The toilet is hidden with the only door of the whole house.



Photographs by Peter Jurkovič.