Aux Tables A1, side tables where low-tech and crafts live together with the design

Aux Tables A1 it’s another design of Vrokka. Juan Carlos Franco appears again with his personal project with location in Medallín, Columbia. For him the balance of his designs it’s between the idea and the execution of the product at issue. But the fact that he values the most is the human work and abilities. Where not only works the machines, but the craftsmen too, but local on the region too. The technology used on his products is lo-tech and low price, to reduce as much as possible the prices. Which makes its unique and own character.

The definition of this products is the quality for its vaules: local design, honest, functional and a commitment with the people. In Aux Tables A1 are appreciated the clean and pure forms. The main axis is horizontal, which adds balance on the table. This, together with the legs, are made in a craft way. The structure is called Coat Rack. It’s the composition where the human factor interact. Composed of nine assemblings, which allows to regulate it in different heights.

Play with the human factor, from the craft and the respect of the people gives to Aux Tables A1 a undisputed value and quality

The part of Aux Tables A1 that is found on the superior part of the axis is which holds any object, and where is applied the low-tech. This sheet is cut with laser, a method very common nowadays and clean to have the appropriated and fine finishes. In terms of the bottom part of the axis, are placed the legs, where it is the care of maintaining the organic forms, of the material and also of the design.This legs has no joins, it works with lace.

On balance, Aux Tables A1 shows simple lines associated to timelessness and functionality. When an object is less decorated but more functional is, more probably to last on time, since lacks of influences or trends. More of this, is a modular product, which means that is combinable at the style of each person without having little options. Inclusive, the web site, if its commissioned, you can personalize the materials, although they propose the principal ones.

Mainly the legs of Aux Tables A1 are composed of oak, walnut or cedar. Talking about the sheet it can be metallic, of glass other stone. Hereon the client can play with different compositions. It’s also presented in two different sizes. One is more short but more wide, where on the surface can be placed more things. On the other hand, there is one a little bit more high but less wide. In fact, taking care of the design from a more internal way, caring each of the processes and the details, gives an important plus to the design.