Awai Cafe, new and old merge together

awai cafe-arquitectura-architecture-more-with-less (1)Kaizuka is a city located in the densely populated periphery of Osaka, Japan, characterized by its traditional architecture. It is in this urban landscape, surrounded by old wooden houses and occupying an awkwardly shaped plot of land, where House Twisted is located: a long one room house designed by Alphaville in 2007 that was twisted twice to avoid an existing old building and to form a courtyard. Next to this angular house is set Awai Cafe, a renovation project carried out by Alphaville as well.

awai cafe-arquitectura-architecture-more-with-less (2)awai cafe-arquitectura-architecture-more-with-less (3)The idea was to keep the structure of the original Awai Cafe as intact as possible whilst upgrading some of the elements in order to make the small building nicer. Thus, part of the principal façade was changed: the entrance door and the barred window were replaced with ones matching the wooden structure.

awai cafe-arquitectura-architecture-more-with-less (4)

Awai Cafe is one of the latest renovation projects carried out by Alphaville and it is designed next to another of their projects: House Twisted

awai cafe-arquitectura-architecture-more-with-less (2)To upgrade the interior, new timber panels were added to the existing ones in Awai Café, as well as the bar, shelves and storage compartments, made of untreated wood similar to the one used in the panels. New and old merge together and evoke a simple and elegant atmosphere that recalls Japanese traditional architecture.
awai cafe-arquitectura-architecture-more-with-less (6)
In contrast to Awai Cafe ‘s interior, where the aim was to maintain the architectural features of the small construction and its original appearance; the courtyard, which is located to the rear of the building, was completely  refurbished and equipped with a canopy.  Part of the yard was paved defining a limit, together with a new extension built next to the existing structure.
awai cafe-arquitectura-architecture-more-with-less (5)awai cafe-arquitectura-architecture-more-with-less (6)Photography is by Kentaro Takeguchi