Azadeh Shladovsky, designing through dichotomies

Two Times Elliott is a creative agency and consultancy established in London that produces a wide and varied range of corporate identities, professionalizing in the direction of art, web design and spatial design. One of his most interesting projects was the creation of a new identity for the designer Azadeh Shladovsky.

Two Times Elliott has created a new corporate image for Azadeh Shladovsky

Azadeh Shladovsky is a designer who works at its headquarters located in Los Angeles. It is responsible for exploring both the sensory and visual awareness of the users for which it carries out its projects. His general work is characterized by perceptual dichotomies manifested in both spatial and material expressions that end up evoking the power of the visceral and intuitive in its most human aspect. In this way, it challenges the way humans choose to see and interpret the real world.

The scope of his work and his diversity are given by his sensorimotor approach to vision, which he considers essential for the realization of his projects. Thus, with its unbreakable commitment to the integrity of the work, Azadeh continues to expand its reach in the world of art and design in order to discover new forms of communication and, thus, continue to grow in these two fields.