Back country house in Puhoi

The back country house in Puhoi, designed by David Maurice is the reinterpretation of the traditional wilderness huts that can be found in New Zeland.

David Maurice from LTD Architectural presents this house he designed for his family.

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The house was thought of being on a single level, altho in the process due to the needs of architect David Maurice, who built the house for his own family, decided to build a second sloped level.

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The second floor of the back country house in Puhoi has a sloped roof and is where the bedroom is located, it also serves as an office.

casa-de-campo-en puhoi-more-with-less-magazine-05Materials used were very interesting, and the house was awarded design awards.

Interest for wood, glass, and steel makes de back country house in Puhoi a perfect example where design interacts with materiality.

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The long wooden table works as an office, while the bed is hanging from the sloped roof.

asa-de-campo-en puhoi-more-with-less-magazine-03Wood is the principal character of the Back country house in Puhoi. The grayed tone wood makes a great combination with concrete and the landscape.

casa-de-campo-en puhoi-more-with-less-magazine-06The concrete fireplace and the big window frames establish a relationship between the interior and exterior of the house, which is very important in the general design of the house.

A fireplace is important because it allows the exterior to be used in winter.

The use of the exterior space is very important, the elements included on the veranda helps as overall furniture used by the family.It opens up as a little table for children to play and it opens up where two bathtubs are integrated.

It opens up as a little table for children to play and it opens up where two bathtubs are integrated.

casa-de-campo-en puhoi-more-with-less-magazine-07Consequently, the yellow color of the lights in the interior makes the house calm and comfortable. Minimizing the cold tones of the materials used.

In conclusion, the Back country house is a perfect example of a well-designed home in Puhoi, New Zeland.