The industrial space converted to Balenciaga’s fashion

BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-05This new space, created under the direction of the creative director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia and the architecture studio Gonzalez Haase AAS, starts from an industrial place to become the new store of the high fashion firm Balenciaga.BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-03

BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-04The project, which is located in Paris, has balanced architecture, lighting and furniture with a monochromatic color scheme to improve the spatial aesthetics of Balenciaga.BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-01The result is an exclusive and functional space that boldly contrasts the popular “factory warehouse” style of Berlin with the spectrum of colors of the designer clothes on display.BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-10The avant-garde retail design, directed by the architect Judith Haase and set designer Pierre Jorge González, includes stainless steel clothes racks and shelves, reflective aluminum roofs and lighting solutions that create an atmosphere of the place.BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-07

The cutting-edge, minimalist space allows the couture-standard atelier that Balenciaga is known for, to stand out as it should.BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-09BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-08BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-12

The project seeks that the important and striking are the garments that are exhibited there with an exhibition technique that leads us to remember the industrial spaces in which the movement of materials and goods made these places places of movement and work.BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-13



The free plant allows a fluidity of the client, which can have a complete view of the store from anywhere in it. Thus, a permeability and the conformation of a landscape of colors that make up the clothes that are exposed there are achieved.BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-14BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-02BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-17



The project is not only based on the built architecture, but also resolves the furniture. Some pieces that fit perfectly with the theme of the store and that become very simple and studied pieces that blend with the composition of the atelier.BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-20





BALENCIAGA-more-with-less-19Photography: Gonzalez Haase AAS