Trampolín bench, where they fit two, they fit three

Cuatro Cuatros surprised us previously with LIM and later with Trampolín: a family formed by a chair and a stool, which play with weightlessness and lightness. Now they have given place to another member in the family with the shape of a  Trampolín bench, unitedly with Missana.more-with-less-desgin-magazine-banco-Trampolin-bench_Cuatro-Cuatros-Missana-01A bench of three seats in which they surprise its legs that give a draft. Breaking the perpendicularidad that had the family Trampolín in its structure. Inspired by the aesthetics Bauhaus.


The Trampolín bench adapts in the projects of contract, with its flexibility and different ended chameleonic.

Even this way, in the support and seat there remains the weightlessnessthat defies our eye like it the stool and the chair were doing of the same form Trampolín.more-with-less-desgin-magazine-banco-Trampolin-bench_Cuatro-Cuatros-Missana-04 


Really, the Trampolín bench looks like two chairs extruded until they are joined to give seat to one more. Because where they fit two, they fit three. Also, always without losing the essence of Trampolín of simple and slight lines, with a wired and schematic structure.more-with-less-desgin-magazine-banco-Trampolin-bench_Cuatro-Cuatros-Missana-03
While the chair was thought for a daily use: stackable and removable. The Trampolín bench is designed thinking on the world of the contract. Offering new opportunities and possibilities with a very different furniture for the sector. Ideal for lounges, zones of wait, halls, rooms, bars and restaurants.
more-with-less-desgin-magazine-banco-Trampolin-bench_Cuatro-Cuatros-Missana-02-2As always Missana offers its furniture with different ends as the drapery and the structure. What allows to adapt to every project perfectly.