Barbican, the trolley that carries everything

Barbican is a trolley designed by Visibility for Dims. Visibility has the headquarters in New York, founded by Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab. Already mentioned, they create functional and simple designs to facilitate the daily life of the user. Dims. on the other hand, defends the purity and the accesibility of the design. Together, they worked hand in hand to provide Barbican.



Barbican is a redesign of a bar trolley. This, with the particularity that it was designed in a architectonic way. Respecting the levels and the verticality of this. Also, with a premeditated ergonomics to allow that the hands meet the high of the handle in a natural way.

Barbican is a multifunctional trolley. In such a way that covers all the necessities in one product, in a simple, intuitive and minimalistic way



The upper part can be used as a tray to hold the beverages, as to place quotidian elements of daily use. Same as the lower part, with a unevenness of the outline of the drawer to have a better support and stability for all the complements that can be placed there.



The structure is made of steel, with a powder-finish, for a longer durability. While the handler is made in solid ash with FSC certificate, jointly with Greenguard. To have at the same time a warmer contact with the product, while it’s being used.



The form of Barbican invites to place it such in the kitchen, in the living room, even in the entrance,… It’s a well-solved, multifunctional and simple piece. What’s more, its assembly is very easy, because it comes pre-assembled. Its production is in Taiwan, made by craftsmen, specialized in this materials and finishes.