Barcelona Pensa 2015, plurality of signs

by | 5 January 2017 | Graphic

Barcelona Pensa is an initiative promoted by the Faculty of Philosophy of the UB which aims to disseminate, approach and transmit the philosophy to the public in a festival that bets on the right to philosophy as something essential in a critical culture in which we all must feel involved. That is why the project aims to turn philosophical discourse into a common and shared good without making differentiations between high and low culture. In addition, they place the theoretical and reflexive human thought at the center of our experience.


The identity of Barcelona Pensa 2015 has won a Laus Prize

barcelona-pensa-2015-more-with-less-design-magazine-07For the 2015 edition, they contacted Studio Carreras to create an image for the festival and its applications, such as web, poster and program. Each of the activities had to have its own poster and, therefore, it should be noted at first glance that everything was part of the same graphic family. Thus, the proposal was the creation of an identity for each activity, using the same abstract language for all of them: only one line and one color. The general poster is formed by a mosaic of all the resulting icons, which managed to reflect the plurality and diversity of Barcelona Pensa.


Studio Carreras was the perfect candidate for this project: a graphic design and illustration studio based in Girona, Spain, created by Genís Carreras, a specialist in branding, printing and publishing. According to him, “we are passionate about creating ingenious, minimal and unique pieces of visual communication for brands, events and publications.”

barcelona-pensa-2015-more-with-less-design-magazine-03In terms of production, once the design of the graphic identity of the Barcelona Pensa 2015 was carried out, the posters for each activity (1200), the general poster of the festival (600), the poster program (3000) and several canvases Large format. They managed to make the plurality of symbols created -more than 40- become the very identity of the festival.

barcelona-pensa-2015-more-with-less-design-magazine-04Undoubtedly, this project has left a mark on the design world and its effort and work has been rewarded by the Laus Awards, obtaining its recognition in this body.


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