Basso, shelf system of fibre cement

Basso is a shelf system designed by Thomas Feichtner and produced by Eternit. The designer, Thomas Feichtner, was born in Brazil but he has grown up in Austria. And now he lives in Vienna. He is defined with and style between the industry and the crafts, related to the mass production and the unique pieces. At the same time, Eternit is an Austrian company that creates fibre cement. Together, they came up with this new product concept.

To start, as it can be appreciated, Basso is a modular system. Where the user can create its own shelf from three simple pieces. It is composed of two stands with a cuadricular form, one little and the other one big, and a plug of wood that fits to not move it. So, this way it fits perfectly and they are placed in the right form.

On the other hand, we have to remark what is made of. It’s fibre cement of Eternit. This is a material that respects the nature and it lasts a lot. That’s one of the main reasons why it can be used in interiors and exteriors. It resists a lot the inclemency, it has little weight and it is rigid.

Basso is made of fibre cement of Eternit. A sustainable and biodegradable material that creates tough structures

As a data, the ‘Basso’ name comes from the legendary ‘Bar Basso’ from Milano. Place where it was used to meet people, from all over the world, and between them, designers. It comes from the fact that it is a direct reference at the beginning of the group cooperation.

It has to be highlighted, that not is only for the library uses or other similar objects, but too for bottles, storage of the wood,… All that it can be and needed, the shelves can save them. At least, the option to prove new materials and better than what we are used to, they came out good and they are a good option.