Beach house

by | 16 December 2017 | architecture

casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-17The extension project for a new beach house on the first floor, work of the Laura Ortín Arquitectura studio, is located in the town of La Torre de la Horadada, Alicante.
casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-2Located on the Mediterranean coast, the house arises from a family need to expand the holiday residence.
casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-1We are in a town where fishermen live, and with the arrival of holidaymakers, it has become a tourist place to spend the holidays.
casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-6The project occupies the flat roof of the house below. This is in a sequence of blocks in row that in the past were equal, forming a simple urbanization of “beach houses”. The same thing happened today as with the fishermen’s houses. There is no trace of what they were.
casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-14The planning of the area does not raise other architectural resources beyond the urban limits of height, occupation and boundaries. That is why the neighbors have been building on the roofs of their houses in a spontaneous and own way. In general they have followed the aesthetics of the ground floor, which in most cases was previously modified so that the result is an eclecticism without control and no return.


The proposal for the beach house, raises a new code, a sort of aesthetic and functional disobedience that in this specific context is positioned with a provocative vision of necessary break.

casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-15A volatile architecture is proposed, which is integrated into the celestial landscape and merges with the sky. A simple, practical and direct extension, so that its execution is agile and its immediate interpretation.
casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-3In the project elementary finishes are used so that costs are reduced. We look for an architecture that is defined with our time and our resources.
casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-4The light volume is rotated from the alignment to look at the lookout tower symbol of the town and whose orientation is ideal on this Levantine coast.
casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-7It is made with metal structure that supports the load walls of the house below and uses the SATE system on the facade whose color is inspired by the wind energy wind turbines.
This achieves the celestial camouflage and lightness.
casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-9In a few meters you get a full and comfortable housing. It has a large interior volume in vertical that extends the views to the attic and modulates thermally.
casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-12             casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-13The rooms flow to the outside thanks to two large terraces of constant use.

casa-en-la-playa-beach-house-more-with-less-5Some materials are recovered in disuse such as terrazzo for floors, designed by the studio; and the wood of the roof, phenolic boards packing objects of maritime containers. Materials that are attractive and unique for this space.

Photography: David Frutos


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