Beco da Boavista. Canvas with city light and colours

Beco da Boavista is the renovation of an apartment in the center of Lisbon, the City of Light. And that is just what you find when coming into the house after entering through one of the narrow and labyrinthine alleys, Light and City. The project of Paulo Moreira architectures consisted of redefining the spatial organisation of the apartment.
The most significant gestures of Beco da Boavista are concentrated in the day zone. The first one is a change in the entrance place, that returns to the original position, oriented towards the façade facing the street. The first thing that we see when crossing the door is a diaphanous space with beautiful windows framing Lisbon. Triumphant entrance. The second key of Beco da Boavista is the elimination of the room next to the living room, expanding this living space and giving direct access to the kitchen.

The day zone of Beco da Boavista is a unique fluid space with different uses that look out Lisbon

A concept of living that remains in force after almost a hundred years, when a young and visionary Mies began to develop this idea back in the 1920s.

From here Beco da Boavista continues through a shortened corridor in relation to its previous state which is also a library associated with the living room. This hallway provides access in this order to a toilet, a secondary bedroom and at the bottom to the master bedroom. The colors and materials chosen are white and wood, looking for a neutrality that highlights everyday objects and the colors of the city. Another point to note is the special care of the details to minimize the presence of the necessary constructive elements. Photography by Jose Campos