“When Words Fail” by Ben Zank

Ben Zank was born in the New York district of Bronx in 1991. He had his first contact with photography at the age of 18, using a vintage Pentax ME Super that Ben Zank found in his grandmother’s house. Being a journalist, photography is where he found his real passion and emotional motivation.


Being himself the protagonist of many of his captures, he takes his body to the limit for the only purpose of getting the desired capture. From plunging into icy lakes to hanging on a cliff, anything stops Ben Zank to create a stunning composition. Reviewing all his work, we see a strong influence of surrealism, such as Magritte

Ben Zank seeks to fill the void left by the words in conveying feelings

Ben Zank’s series, “When Words Fail” was inspired by the experiences of the author as a journalist and highlight show the reporter is limited to act as a mere regurgitation informative tool, subordinating his own opinions to a neutral record of events lacking any trace of humanity.


Ben Zank seeks to fill the void left by the words in conveying feelings, covering this gap with images that induce anguish and attraction. In his series “When Words Fail”, as we can find in the rest of his work, captures convey a suspense calm, considering extreme situations not from the physical point of view, but from psychological and emotional side.ben zank