Bench Urban Shapes, product designed from and for the city


nortstudio‘s project, Bench Urban Shapes, is committed to a new concept of urban furniture design, based on the city’s own forms. The starting point is to create an object that naturally refers to the collective imaginary of elements, materials and silhouettes that the city houses.



From there you experiment in the forms and assemble the different pieces that together make up a cozy bank. Bench Urban Shapes consists of pure geometric shapes, which are modified by adding them to each other. Cylinders and parallelepipeds work both individually and together to give rise to the three main forms.





Bench Urban Shapes is a product designed from the city and for the city, providing visual uniformity to the everyday use of sitting


The connection of the different main pieces is done through a grid element, formed by plates of the same size in both directions. The lines and geometric shapes contributed by the grid generate a graphic element of great aesthetic value.


The main pieces are made of wood and have grooves for the insertion of the metal grid. The color, in addition to the shape, is also an important feature of Bench Urbam Shapes, opting for an intense blue, pink and a earth color. The entire color palette combines and fits in with both an urban environment and a private space.


Photographs by Nort Studio.