Usability and aesthetics in Bent Box

Bent Box is a product developed by Visibility for the Danish design company Normann Copenhagen. Visibility is an industrial design studio founded by Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab six years ago in New York. After graduating as designers at the Rhode Island School of Design. From his studio they carry out projects from different disciplines: furniture, household goods, lighting, household appliances, etc.



Bent Box is a storage box for all the small items of our daily environment. Its design has a strong influence from the traditional Japanese bento magewappa boxes. A product made of curved wood that in Japan is used to transport food to work.

Bent Box is a series of boxes for daily storage that mix usability with a strong aesthetic component

A design with great aesthetic strength thanks to its simple, geometric and at the same time organic shape that gets its structure curving a sheet. The designers explored different geometries until finding a way that was functional and easy to understand for the user.


The purpose of the Bent Box design is that people can intuitively integrate this product into their daily lives. With very practical dimensions, Bent box can be useful in different space of the house or office.


In addition Bent Box is stackable. In this way we obtain a flexible and versatile storage product. Thanks to its finishes in different colors you can create wonderful decorative combinations. Therefore, Bent Box can be used as a tray that shows our products, or hide those that we do not want to have in view.