Beolit 15, the loudspeaker that achieves every corner

by | 5 January 2017 | product

Beolit 15 is a loudspeaker designed by the Danish designer Cecilie Manz and B&O Play for Bang & Olufsen. Is a continuation of Beolit 12 model. Cecilie Manz projects designs which keep up with the times, since her designs allows an easier life. In terms of B&O Play offers autonomous and intuitive products, easy to use in the daily life. Combining the values of Play and the quality of Bang & Olufsen characterize Beolit 15.


The Beolit 15 loudspeaker has True360 omnidirectional sound. This technology allows to listen music with the same quality in all the room, even if you are nearest or farther of the loudspeaker. It has 240 watts of maximum power to fill the most bigger rooms with its sound.


Beolit 15 is portable thanks to a management system of adaptive power which monitor and anticipate the signal of the sound to reduce the battery consumption. Thanks to this the music can be reproduced 24h when the volume is in a normal level. Furthermore, Beolit 15 has Bluetooth to connect with wireless the device to the loudspeaker. It’s connected easy and effective. Beolit 15 turns off when the Bluetooth signal has been disconnected more than 15 minutes.


With its careful details Beolit 15 fills rooms with music and life to enjoy each moment


The grid of the loudspeaker is made of pearly and perforated anodised aluminium . The anodized finish protects the aluminium of scratches, corrosion and allows to add colour to the surface. Bolit 15 has 4 different finishes of colour. The holes have been placed carefully to improve the sound dispersion. The handle is made of leather with high quality and placed where it does not any shift when it’s carried.


To end up, comment that it has touch control when it’s necessary to regulate the different playback options.


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