Betontextil, the textile that create structures

by | 13 October 2016 | Germany, slider, Students projects

Betontextil is a material created by Anne-Kathrin Kühner. Currentliy she’s working on her final project at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee.


First of all, the Betontextil material was investigated to build structures. This structures are formed from a combination of textile with concrete. As it is known, the concrete only is used to build. But before it is dry, while it is molded and managed, is really soft and fluid. Qualities that gives to the concrete be more versatile and suitable as a raw material in an object. A thing that some of us don’t believe it until we see it.


The Betontextil woven, has been very worked and studied to put in the concrete when it is mouldable. In general, the textiles are known by its flexibility and adaptation. So in them is searched one which has the properties of quality and durability to resist the strength of the concrete.


Betontextil, named as concrete textile, forms in this way a constructive, versatile and different material


The concrete of Betontexil has been selected and specially searched according to its fine-grain. This required some studies for the movement to be more easy to perform. In the case of the fabric, it was to some studies to be flexible and resistant enough. Creating in this way an oversized yarn, consisting of a textile tube filled with cement.


The fabric, once is created, it is structured in different ways. We treat it as it was only one yarn. The three types of liaison are: the knotted, the knitted and weaving. Each of this techniques are applied to one function or another of the material. Giving this way an specific attribute on each structure formed.


Finally the potential of Betontextil is reflected on different compositions and functions: a stool-like weaving, one extensive free-standing knitted texture, one flexible knotted structure and one knitted wall panel.


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