‘Between Lights’ by Carlos Cánovas

With the photographic series ‘Between Lights’ by Carlos Cánovas,  we want to show you the careful work of this artist based in Navarra, Spain. In particular, this series is dedicated to portraying different works of the prominent architect Rafael Moneo.

Cánovas, who has been working in professional photography since the 1980s, also works as a photography professor at the Public University of Navarra, as well as holding numerous exhibitions, editorials and photographic criticism.

The photographer offers us a walk through different works of the architect; from the Auditori in Barcelona to the Museum of Roman Art of Mérida, passing through the Atocha station in Madrid. A tribute to the work of Rafael Moneo, who does not need color to awaken passions.

Through a dozen black and white snapshots, ‘Between Lights’ by Carlos Cánovas becomes a tribute to the simplicity and good work of Rafael Moneo.

In these photographs you can see how Moneo’s architecture stands out thanks to light. As indicated by the name of the series, the interior spaces are enhanced by a mixture of transcendental light, between natural and artificial, which enhances the geometry of the place portrayed and generates a perspective for the user, moving into their own space.

The same happens in the case of external light. However, here the light has a different strength aided by the different materialities of the exposed buildings. The use of black and white in these photographs enhances the illuminated and shadowed areas, enhancing the architectural works.

In short, the extensive work and in particular the series ‘Between Lights’ by Carlos Cánovas, is quite an experience capable of turning everyday scenes into works of art. The architecture is framed in a limbo of lights and shadows, enhancing its formal qualities without needing to be fixed beyond them.