Between Two Walls by Corpo Atelier


Between Two Walls is a minimalist residential project in Quarteira, Portugal by the Portuguese architects, Corpo Atelier. As the name suggests, this residence features two large white walls on either side. This clearly demarcates its boundaries and provides privacy for its residents.


Between Two Walls celebrates simple white aesthetics with strong geometric lines. The architects of this beautiful house were heavily inspired by the site location as well as by a quote by the Portuguese author, Raul Brandão in his book “Os Pescadores,” a book which describes the lives of Portuguese fishermen and their surroundings including landscapes and buildings.

“Sky of a fainting blue- beneath, a slap of whitewash. Reverberation of sun and the bluest blue, the whitest white. Cubes, geometric lines, animal light that trembles and vibrates like the wings of cicada.”



Between Two Walls is a minimalist residence which a features striking white aesthetic and strong geometrical architectural anatomy



Empty plots of similar shapes and sizes were aligned along a gold course, which set out a frame for reurbanization of detached houses. However, nothing was built. As a result of the high uncertainty regarding the development of new constructions, the house became reserved.



The integration of the two white walls acts as barrier to avoid any direct contact from future neighbours, setting out clear boundaries. Between these two walls, there is an architectural landscape of cubic shapes. Each of these have a single function, which collectively provide a strong sense of security and privacy. Between Two Walls features a single horizontal volume which houses the swimming pool.