Bictools, tools for the legendary Bic pens

Bictools is an innovative project developed by the young Valencian designer Juan Carlos Fanes Developed at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia and supervised by the designer and professor Héctor Serrano. Bictools has been exhibited at Lambrate during the international design week in Milan along with the projects of his colleagues, known as the nou + u. collective. It has also been part of the 3D print the world exhibition that took place in the Fundación telefonica of Madrid curated by the designers Carmen Baselga and Hector Serrano.



Bictools is a tool kit made up of different components that increase the functionality of Bic pens. This idea was born after extensive field research to design different utensils in office spaces. During the investigation, this designer discovered that the Bic pen brand was the most used on the market and that it could get more out of its functionality.


Bictools a set of tools for the daily life of every designer.




It was proposed to decontextualize the pen and provide it with multifunctionality, using its lid as an external and interchangeable element. Where the lid could be transformed into one or several tools to work, and the structure of the pen would be responsible for giving body to our tools.




The tools that make up the Bictols kit are a compass, a ruler, a scalpel, a paper bender and different calligraphy devices.




Bictools is part of the collection from bits to atoms, a project that aims to explore the impact of 3D printing today. All the products in the collection were made thanks to 3D technology under the FDM printing technique. In addition, all products are open source and can be downloaded from their website and printed anywhere in the world.