A year since the creation of Mr. Blanc

In less of a week its going to take place a new edition of the Blanc Festival. On 20 and 21 October, Barcelona will host the ninth edition of the graphic design and audiovisual festival. These two days will be loaded with lectures, master classes, exhibitions and workshops by excellent professionals, but also by emerging designers.

In this post, we wanted to take a look at the last communication campaign of the Blanc festival that surprised many.

Mr. Blanc, Mr White in English, is a mysterious and daring character who left the coast of the Garraf to be able to walk along the promenade of Poblenou. Since the last edition of 2016 Blanc festival has moved its original location, the village that saw the “birth” of this festival in Vilanova i la Beltrú to move to the cosmopolitan capital, Barcelona.

“There are many types of White. Only one man contains them all “(Mr. Blanc, 2016)

The character was the element with which the whole imaginary of the event were generated. The introductory video (see) of the character used visual metaphors and daily life actions to related them with different types of white tones, in order to define the word “white”. It was recorded in Super 8 Original format. The graphic design studio Requena, with Andrés Requena as the art director, created Mr. Blanc. The studio also designed all the stationary pieces such as posters, advertisements, invitations, the cultural and activities agenda…

Photography, typography and blank spaces are the main resources on which this identity is based.

Black and white photography brings a severe, dramatic and even liturgical attribute to the visual narrative. The sans serif typography adds superbness nevertheless, it also contributes to give a more distant and modern vibe to the identity, due to the plotting and filling contrast between words.

The white takes relevance thanks to the contrast with the dark black distinguished by its penetrating and extremely matt finishes, partly by the offset paper used, this relationship between the two shades reinforce the vibrancy of both, each of them brings strength and energy to other.

White is not understood without black, and black is not understood without white.