Bloc Brands, return to Soviet Constructivism

Noeeko is a small design studio established in Warsaw, Poland. Its goal is to create a consistent, original and effective design solution that communicates key messages to customers. They help their clients express themselves and their products through memorable visual identities. A few months ago, Bloc Brands, an editor focused on design activity from the communist era, contacted them to redesign their image.

Noeeko has been in charge of building the brand of Bloc Brands

They are an independent team of designers and creative thinkers. They work with large corporate brands and public organizations, as well as small businesses, lifestyle brands, restaurants and artists. They have experience in all media and bring a fresh and artistic approach to each project. They believe that customer success is yours as well.

Michal Sycz, founder of the studio, is an award-winning designer and creative multidisciplinary director living in Warsaw. After working closely with leading Polish and international design agencies, he became independent and established Noeeko Studio. His work has appeared in several print and digital publications. At Noeeko they want their customers to stand out in the crowd, not just fit.

Representing a calendar is not an easy task, especially for a time known for its utopian tone without fear and its rich variety. For this reason, Bloc Brands dared to challenge the odds and adopt a logo embodying the strength of the communist era: two simple horizontal blocks is all that is needed. As minimal and succinct as possible, without losing control over a strong concept.

Unlike many logos that are only present as visual identification, the creation of Noeeko extends its reach to a complete collection of marks. From the packaging of your main publication to the website, everything uses the blocks to their fullest potential. Playing and manipulating each line with amazing effects. The agency in charge managed to deal with a high order and delivered a flawless final product.

The goal of Bloc Brands is to publish the best of the design of all countries under the jurisdiction of the Soviet Union. Thus, it will not be surprising to find masterful logos flirting with minimalist lines. After all, constructivism and suprematism drank from the same modernist source.