Block house, the beauty of practicality

casa-de-bloques-block-house-diseno-practico-simple-architecture-more-with-less-design-magazine-2Block house is a summer home located in La Pedrera, 134 miles from uruguayan capital; Montevideo. In a plane zone surrounded by young eucalyptus trees that belongs to a beach resort area in the Atlantic coast, it hides a simple and cosy house, designed by Gualano + Guano architecture block House project should meet a number of non-negotiable conditions; a simple design with an easy and practical execution. The reason for these requirements is that this house should be built at distance, thereby, the entire design process should be focused on creating a system easy to install and with a simple resolution of constructive details. From this point the architects decide to use just a single material, a concrete block combining all its possibilities of size and functional program of Block house has to combine on one level the private and public areas. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living-dining room, ss well as an outdoor place for a barbecue. It was decided then to modulate the space with multipliable and divisible meters area. All disposed in a geometric sequence in strips that organizes better the place.

Block house is conceived and constructed by modulating space

casa-de-bloques-block-house-diseno-practico-simple-architecture-more-with-less-design-magazine-4A perforated block wall, begins to define the outer space (32m2), incorporating the pine wood flooring creating a nice and cool place to eat outdoors. Another wall is incorporated, moves, rotates and contains in one volume the 64m2 interior simple line that originates the unique floor plan, becomes real in the breadth and simplicity of its spaces. On the other hand, only a small wall is required to indicate both, the pedestrian and vehicular entrance. In this way, the natural environment is never interrupted or invaded, just softly intervened.
The blocks of Block house, configure with an assertive versatility every part of the work. The larger ones (19x19x39) that has thermal characteristics conform the outer wall, as well as the smaller (12x19x19) are used to define the interior spaces and finally midblocks are placed side makes the wall frame the windows.
The set of transparencies that has the material itself surprises the viewer at nightfall, a shimmering lighting box can be distinguished among the pines, playing between the tree shadows Block house is a constant coexistence among all its rooms; a balanced exchange between interior and exterior space. The areas relate to each other, connect and exchange their inhabit.
Like the childhood game of blocks, this house is resolved with that memory, that pragmatic intelligence, from this playful sensibility has born its architecture.

Photography by: Federico Cairoli