Boavista by Pablo Pita

Boavista is a project by Pablo Pita, an architecture partnership between Pablo Rebelo and Pedro Pita established in 2010 in Porto. Their different working background allows them to take in charge every challenge, seeking the balance between the strong-concepted approach and the filigreed intervention that any site demands. That pursuit results in a nonrestrictive study covering every art form, always heading towards to the client needs.

This is single-family house refurbishment The width limitations of these lots and old existing constructions often restrict the extension possibilities towards the inner courtyards or with additional floors. On the ground floor the house is extended towards inside. With this, the garden, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the staircase are set in one contiguous space. On the first floor, the studio and bedroom are within the original house boundaries. And the extension serves as a small terrasse for the bedroom. Finally following the orignal house facade walls, a new second floor is added on top.

The staircase is open and topped with a skylight that brings light all the way to the ground floor and the extension. It also allows all the other rooms to have light, and ventilation, on both sides. They have an interior window to the staircase and a view either towards the garden or the street.

Boavista is the name of the street and means good view. Ideal for a house in which all rooms have natural light and ventilation on two sides.

From the street the facade is renovated but the original stone jambs, still and lintel and the window layout are maintained. This layout is copied in the new floor. From the garden, the extensions give to the facade a terraced effect.

Inside, wooden floors, white walls and minimalistic details give to the house a clean, lighter and bigger space.

 Photos by José Campos