Wood and iron, Bois et Fer

Bois et Fer, wood and iron in french, is a brand that makes made-to-mesure handcrafted furniture. Its furniture has a simple shape and a solid structure. But, specially, it has the purpose to last over time. So that, the Basque brand keeps an atemporal and contemporary line. Moreover, the aesthetic shows warm, cool and day to day resistance.

mesa-comedor-anie-mobiliario-minimalista-furniture-bois-et-fer-more-with-less-1024x541Gary de la Fuente, the founder of the brand, designed in the 2012 the table Anie. It was a kitchen table with a lacquered tube of 30mm and oak top. Anie, that was going to be a collection just for the designer, sums up the essence that has inspired Bois et Fer. The collection is composed of wood boards with 10 mm minimum of thickness and firm iron structures. 


Bois et Fer makes furniture with straight and clear lines. As a result, its elegant design wants to emphasize the importance of the materials. So that, a wide range of pieces of furniture are created and they still have the personality and inicial design of Bois et Fer. The personal production gives functionality to the product: it fits in each corner, it stands an specific weight… And the minimalist design becomes it a versatile and hight quality product. 



Bois et Fer makes original minimalist furniture with a strong identity and natural materials

The production, both wood and iron, with exclusive materials is consistent with the philosophy of creating a long-lasting furniture that will last at home. Morover, it can be adapted to user’s personality or space. Integration is thought before, when wood and lacquered are chosen. In this way, anyone can create a minimalist furniture with a great impact for the user’s needs and the character of its environment. For this reason, Bois et Fer makes furniture for offices; furniture for business interested in functionality and elegant design.