Bookshelf A1, the shelf with skeleton and floating structure

Bookshelf A1 is a shelf designed by Juan Carlos Franco, a Colombian industrial designer, for his own project, Vrokka. With the headquarters in Medellín, Colombia, Juan Carlos believes in a design which reflects his culture, the tropical wood of his country, and the labour of there. Distinguishing each object and space by the sustainability of them, depending on the necessity of the customer.

In Bookshelf A1 it is unified the low-tech machinery with the crafts. Transmits in this way the purity of the forms and the materials which composes itself. The industrial design deals with new necessities in a critic social moment. Therefore, what is seek is defend a sustainable, craft and pure design in respect of the materials. As if they take steps back to achieve the quality of the craftsman, considering and implementing technologies and actual machines.

All the skeleton and the surface of Bookshelf A1 are made of wood, whether of oak, walnut or cedar. The finish of this can variate according to the necessities of the client, because on it can be applied any solid colour. The surfaces seems to flote. This effect is due to see the joint of the wood with the surface, appreciating the craft and the design details.

Bookshelf A1 is a shelf system with light and slim appearance with strong storage capacity

The geometry and the lines of Bookshelf A1 brings an structure with a timeless character. It is thought to be in any place without defining any space. Thus it can be placed in any place which is required its function. On the presentation images we can appreciate different uses, being this decoratives as a support surface for objects that we don’t want to occupy space.

Finally, we can say that Bookshelf A1 is a versatile and curious shelf. Its function does not vary, because its a shelf where the objects are placed, on a vertical structure. To maintain in this way the order, minimizing the space.