Bornisimo, rhythm, light and texture in Barcelona

Miriam Barrio is an interior design studio based in Barcelona founded in 2014. Their projects are focused on getting the most out of each thing in a fresh and positive way. Bornisimo is one of their last projects, a minimal and functional design for a large showcase located in Barcelona. Bornisimo promotes the work of different artisans and designers from both Barcelona and all around the world.
Bornisimo 17

Situated on an busy street in the famous ‘El Born’ neighbourhood, Bornisimo has been build up based on the idea of making the shop a simple and clear layout for displaying products in an orderly and attractive way. ‘The idea was to create a exhibition site that can be freely edit depending on the situation,’ says the studio. Bornisimo is all about linear order, it is a modular layout based on simple and functional shapes. A frame system consisting on a set of squared metal structures that can be combined using magnets with wood, clay, vinyl, iron, glass or even methacrylate surfaces. This modular system allows shaping the space according with the user needs.

Bornisimo is all about linear order, a design based on material contrast that allows shaping the space according with the user needs

Bornisimo 18Bornisimo 12Bornisimo 09 Bornisimo 14 Bornisimo 13 Bornisimo 11Bornisimo project is based on material contrast. The wood surfaces provide a warm feeling, while the the handmade ceramic surfaces and the black and white grid backdrops highlight the product exhibited. The steel surfaces unify the layout. The ambience is quite neutral, predominantly grey and black surfaces punctually lighted by adjustable suspended light fixtures. This neutrality provides a simple backdrop that highlights the products exhibited, bringing a clear vision to the consumers.
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