The bOUnce clUb, furniture of Smarin in Festival of Cannes

Smarin presents the bOUncE clUB from the 8th to the 19th of May, with the reason of the 50th anniversary of Quinzaine, in the Festival of Cannes. This is a furniture collection thought to be outside. For example, being in a terrace of one cafeteria. Smarin counts with 4 different influences: Stéphanie Marin, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, Sebastian Bergne y Marco Ferreri. A team of designers, architects and artists, share the same way to make the things and appear products like this.

Smarin created then, the scenography of the event. The objects of the bOUncE clUB are organized in a geometric and in a colour way. They are defined as a ‘present, aerial and dynamic objects’. The collection is formed by: a chair and a parasol. Or, as they say: ‘a screen of dialogue and rebound’. It is taken into a free space to visit and interactuate with the objects.

Since 2004 that Smarin and Quinzaine des Réalisateurs are complicit in Cannes. They create in this way The bOUncE clUB, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the scenography

The seat of the bOUncE clUB are elastic. Defined as a ‘trampolines’. This, sChaises, are created after a huge and large investigation about the ergonomics and the movement. Basically, the idea is to rebound, so this encourage the development of the health because you have to make force with the muscles.

They want to avoid the effects of the sedentarism that we live nowadays.Always being sited and in everywhere. And, to the contrary, they want to foster the musculoskeletal and body support health. It is rebound in the same way and with the same gesture. To release tensions, and train the dynamic and elastic force.

On the other hand, the parasol of the bOUncE clUB, it’s called The pArastore. In France, the social interaction is defined as ‘very strong’. That means do things like see directly through the eyes, physical contact, courtesies,… In this case, it’s created this space to keep flowing the sociazing part.

The pArastore, mainly, it has a cube form. The parasol in its way, it’s made of cotton fabric, with the same colour as the clima. It has also blinds that are in two sides, combining the distribution of them. On the upper part, there is only fabric, that presents little partitions.