Bounce! A cabinet that does not need to open the door to get things.


As Donald A. Norman rightly says in his book “The design of everyday thingssimple design does not require explanation. When simple things need pictures, labels, or instructions, the design has failed. Bounce! is a good example of simple and innovative design. Some days ago we were talking about redesigning everyday objects. It’s one of the most difficult tasks in our field, because they are objects  that we are used to see every day, and our imagination is becoming more and more limited.

Shelf with cover, cabinets without doors: Bounce!


bounce_more_with_less_05 bounce_more_with_less_01

Has anyone ever thought about a cabinet without doors?, A cabinet without shelves? or even a cabinet covered by a translucent silicone skin? Well, here we introduce you Bounce!, a light and clean cabinet made of wood, silicone and methacrylate. Bounce! has been designed by the Industrial Design Master student Rouxin Li at the School of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, Germany.

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Bounce! is an occlusive piece of furniture for clothes, books, etc. From the beginning the designer Rouxin Li wanted to build a door for normal shelf ,but this “door” do not need to open, meanwhile the things can quite easy to pick up from the inside. So elastic materials came into questions. Through testing, she found that silicone had so good flexibility and the color was even pure transparence. 41 Silicone strips are fixed on the wide side as the door. The narrow of the Silicone strips create a natural perforation,especially through the light. User can easily look through, take things, and Bounce!.


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 Master student Rouxin Li