BR House by Olmos Estudio

BR House is the integral reform project by the Valencian studio Olmos Estudio. Located in the center of the city of Valencia, in the neighborhood of Ciutat Vella, BR House occupies an approximate area of 220 square meters on the top floor of a prominent building.


The project is committed to diaphanous and connected spaces, which are related to each other but at the same time generate a differentiation in the environments that comprise it. For this reason, the project is divided in a clear way into the day zone and night zone, by means of a longitudinal and transversal axis.


The structural elements are separated from the curved facade that gives shape to the plant. In advance could have been a source of conflict for the distribution of spaces, becomes a virtue. The structure is integrated into the design, helping the formation of environments.


BR House achieves a timeless housing at a material and modern level in spatiality


The day area of BR House is formed by an entrance hall that leads to a large living area, divided in turn into three. A large table serves as the main dining room and social reception area. The central part is reserved as a reading corner and finally the living area faces a large volume that houses television.


The kitchen is linked to the day area transversally. A central island serves as a working or dining space, and is separated from the living area by a fixed glass. The black and white colors contrast, maintaining the elegance of the whole house.


The sleeping area consists of two bedrooms with shared bathrooms, in addition to the master bedroom equipped with dressing room and bathroom. BR House stands out for maintaining a constant balance of materials; whites, blacks and natural wood are the only elements used that make this home a timeless space.


Photographs by Diego Opazo.