BRACE, an innovative support for furniture products

BRACE, is one of the latest projects by Stephen Roy. A young designer who develops his projects at the Jam Factory art and design center located in Adelaide, Australia. With which it chooses to obtain several prizes of the excellence of the interior design in Australia: Sydney Indesign’s emerging designer award Launch Pad and the IDEA Awards.

This design has been developed for a commission for architectural firm, Woods Bagot. The brief of the project was to create a versatile shelf and storage system that would provide enough features for the piece to grow as the business did.

BRACE consists of a system of metal supports that allows the creation of pieces of furniture with a fresh and current character. The brackets are made of brass and aluminum. And as the designer himself confirms: “Support was the most challenging part of the product. Going through a process of long development and several evolutions, before obtaining a final support that provides stability and strength without sacrificing the appearance of the piece”.

The BRACE system is a series of supports that allow to realize pieces of furniture of great versatility


The first product that Stephen Roy developed using these joining supports is BRACE – Hall Stand.  A piece of furniture for the lobby. The collection is completed with two other products to be published over the next month. But we can already say that one of them is a large shelf.


BRACE – Hall Stand, is a furniture product containing eight BRACE support pieces made of aluminum. These supports fix square wooden pins having a 45 degree rotation. This generates a support surface for the aluminum shelves, one of which holds a plant.

A product of minimalist furniture, fresh and practical. Since the shelves and accessories can be easily moved so that the user can customize the piece according to his needs.


Photography: Johanis Lyons-Reid