Brasserie du Bouffay by MIMA

by | 19 October 2017 | architecture

A brasserie is a brewery. It can be both the place for production or consumption. Not so common in France these places often offer a continuous service until late at night. La Brasserie du Bouffay receives its name from its first location in Brittany in the north west of France in 1998.

The project from the architecture studio MIMA consists of and extension and refurbishment of the Brasserie du Bouffay. The local is in a lot with motley constructions, hangars, garages for rent and some residential buildings. and was first a foundry then a garage before it became a brewery.

The proposal comes from the premise that a simple, but not straightforward, industrial building doesn’t have to be generic.

On one hand, the brewer spaces had to be adapted and improved to optimise the production line. On the other the storage spaces had to be expanded. Literally one side and the other of the lot, the intervention on the brewery fills up the courtyard that was left between two buildings and a new construction on the street side houses the new storage space.

The use required a big construction in a majorly residencial hamlet. The new volume is larger but equivalent, in length and height, to the three adjacent houses. To adapt the building to its environment the ridgepole is off-centered. This produces the illusion of a less imposing building with a profile more like the neighbour houses.

The first historical industrial building were built in bricks, the same material used for housing at that time. But materials used in contemporary industrial buildings are far from the ones used in residential ambit. The black metal cladding facade also includes generous surfaces of transparent polycarbonate panels. At night these surfaces illuminate the facade and the street without the need to turn this industrial building into an advertisement support.

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