Breath for MINI a prototype that confronts us with housing of the future

Breath is a housing prototype made by So-il for the MINI expo at the Mobile show in Milan, Italy. With the aim of approaching a new way of living, a holistic experience that brings us closer to sustainability.
Breath activates alife, makes it an experience, its extravagant shape, does not go unnoticed, and invites its users to reflect on lifestyles. In some way, this project confronts society with our inexorable way of being, of taking certain guarantees for granted and believing that resources are inexhaustible.
breath-more-with-less-design-magazine-20Breath is a “traditional” house, it maintains a program with rooms of specific uses. On a surface of 50m2 stands a tower with a firm structure and flexible envelope, habitable for three people. There in the Salon of Mobile in Milan, it works as an attractive focus for its visitors.

Breath is an experience that makes us aware of the future of the architecture and planet resources

Breath is designed through the manipulation of the natural elements, light, air and water, generating different spaces, different atmospheres, that accompany the user in their every activity.

breath-more-with-less-design-magazine-18The structure of Breathe is composed by modular metal frames, and a flexible and lightweight fabric that purifies the air. A skin that creates a soft and enigmatic boundary between the inside and outside. Within Breath can be located up to a total of six potential rooms, depending on how the space is designed. A rooftop garden provides this house with a domestic, private or public experience.
breath-more-with-less-design-magazine-4Another of Breath’s avant garde characteristiuc is that it is designed to be disassembled and reinstalled anywhere. A mobile and adaptable structure, capable of supporting any other type of fabric, which makes it suitable different types of climate and environment.
Breath makes society aware of the changes that are happening on the planet, and how they directly affect our life. Architecture has to be useful as a communicator, it has to anticipate the evolution of social living, without losing the sensitivity that characterizes it to survive as a useful art.


breath-more-with-less-design-magazine-2breath-more-with-less-design-magazine-1Photos by Laurian Ghinitoiu.