Breeze of light, the installation of Nendo for the Milan Fair 2019

Breeze of light is the installation designed by Nendo for the manufacturer of air conditioning machines Daikin, inaugurated at the Milan Fair in 2019.


The company Daikin specializes in climate control solutions for different spaces and environments. The brand’s exclusive attention to air quality generates the driving idea of the installation, an experience based on the invisible sensation of the air.


To visualize this experience, a polarizing filter is placed in layers and projected onto another polarized film with a flower shape. The light passes through two layers of filter and makes the shadow of the flower darker than expected. If the filter is turned 45 degrees a more translucent shadow is created, and if it is turned 45 degrees more, the shadow disappears.


Breeze of light is an immersive installation where Nendo manages to show to the sense of sight what can only be felt in real life


Using this system, 115 polarized spotlights are suspended from the ceiling with individually controlled motors. On a slight white platform that describes a journey through the interior of the room, there are 17,000 polarized films in the shape of a flower. The distribution of these flowers is done following previously calculated patterns and their height varies from one to another.


Breeze of light recreates a landscape that is smooth and undulating at the same time, like a real flower garden. The movement of the polarized films creates a constant change in the intensity of the shadows of the flowers without modifying the intensity of the light.


Although there is no movement of air in the room, the shadows of the flowers seem created by a gentle breeze. A unique experience that maintains the delicacy of Nendo’s studio.




Photograph of Takumi Ota.