Brick House in Brick Garden by Jan Proksa

by | 20 June 2017 | architecture, slider


Located in a traditional village in the Southern Moravia region of Czech Republic, is the residential  project Brick House in Brick Garden by Czech architect, Jan Proska. These regions are uniquely characterised by their diverse urban planning which typically feature L-shaped row houses facing each other on narrow site plots. Brick House in Brick Garden is a single multi-generational family house that is composed three parts: a small street-facing house for the parents with their children, a home for the grandparents located along the courtyard, and the remaining part is at the rear of the site, which serves for small-scale farming.


All the front-facing houses are typically more spacious and feature more intricate construction techniques, whilst the buildings in the rear are designed in brick and are unplastered. The use of exposed brick is a minimalist and durable solution which radiates familiarity and warmth. The front-facing houses feature a plaster facade with light coloured natural tones. Conforming to the historical structure of the surrounding residences, Brick House in Brick Garden is a long and narrow residence. A differing factor is the structural planning of the residence; whereas a typical house would feature an elongated L-shaped structural layout, this residence features a detached structural layout of the existing front-facing house design.


Brick House in Brick Garden is a minimalist single storey brick clad residence with a functional interior layout


The roof design of Brick House in Brick Garden emphasises the simplicity and elegance of this new residence. Furthermore, it celebrates the unique perpendicularity of the residence. The use of a uniform, exposed brick facade of the residence is carried through into the courtyard, defining the boundaries of the backyard garden space. Brick House in Brick Garden is a simple single storey floor with a very functional interior layout. The main room of the residence features an open-plan kitchen with a large table adjacent in a non-frame sliding windows that lead onto garden. There is also a bedroom space with a narrow bathroom.


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