Brick House, an awesome sustainability performance

by | 6 June 2020 | architecture

Brick House (2)

Brick House is a part of a project initiated by the philanthropic foundation Realdania to build six sustainable houses in Nyborg, Denmark. Leth & Gori architects design one of the houses whose main objectives are sustainability, reducing maintenance and durability. Designers not only get the goal but also solve the space with enormous architectural sensitivity.

Brick House (4)

Brick House (5)

Brick House, designed for energy saving

Brick House hides behind a nordic image, sloping roof and, with materials like tiles and brick recalling a traditional exterior aesthetics. Designers recreate a space of square plant on which rests this huge hipped roof.

Brick House (6)

Brick House (7)

But once inside all Brick House secrets are uncovered. The space expands and high ceilings, open atmospheres and natural light entries arise. The different ambiences are organized in order to ensure the best orientation and help in this way to a passive and sustainable performance of the house.

Brick House (3)

Brick House (9)

The interior is dressed with naked, pure and elegant materials such as wood and ceramics. Designers create clean, clear and solid spaces in contact with the outside. The properties of the materials allow soundproofing, increase thermal inertia and support sustainability.

Brick House (1)

Brick House (10)

Brick House (8)

In Brick House you find trust, closeness and naturalness. The materials do not keep secrets, on the contrary, are set forth in order to know its function. Designers demonstrate how design and architecture can improve the quality of housing, quality of life and, environment and energy saving. 

Photography by Stamers Kontor

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