Brixx, creating textile landscapes

Brixx is the first Dedon upholstered collection designed by Lorena Bozzoli, winner of the European Award of the CESE for Sustainable Design Excellent in 2016. The sofas system offers 360º functionality and maximum versatility through the combination of its different modules.


The baggage acquired by Bozzoli in the world of fashion is reflected in the delicacy of its upholstery when it comes to furniture. Brixx allows the composition of different environments, both indoors and outdoors, through the mixture of its modules.


Brixx becomes a system for creating abstract geometric landscapes of their own, tailored to their users


The straight lines are the basis of the pieces of the collection, each of them is accessible on all sides. The modules have a diagonal marked through the fabric allowing different compositions not only for its size or shape, but for the combinations of the textile finish.



The collection is based on simplicity but opting for absolute comfort, natural and refined air. The different pieces of sofas are complemented by other elements such as a triangular table that serves as a tray, fixed backs using a system of minimalist metal plates; and a collection of cushions with different geometric shapes, passing from the square to the sphere.